Hatchet Force

About Hatchet Force Milsim

Our History

The year is 2002. A Green Beret, some hollywood stuntmen and local nerds form an elite squad of bbwarriors known as Hatchet Force. Through regular training, organizational discipline, fit probies and hawaiian shirts, they leave a trail of hurt feelings and free ice cold coors light wherever they go. The airsoft world is changed forever and milsim is born.

Our Heraldry

The name “Hatchet Force” was never an official military unit name. MAC-V SOG in Viet Nam would form raiding groups of SF advisors and trained local montagnard fighters refered to as “hatchet forces”. This fit with our groups mix of various backgrounds so we went with it. We’ve attended many events and shared beers with real vietnam SOG veterans including Col. Paul Longgrear and SFC Mizuho 'Bo' Bobroskie.

The patch was also never officially used at the time of our forming in 2002. We designed it based off of the US Special Forces patch, with a hatchet in place of the sword.

Our Mission

We’re just some dudes, training dudes, pretending to be other dudes. We train for milsim games because we like the games to be physically and mentally challenging. We are serious about the game, and serious about our training. We know it is just a game, played by a bunch of like-minded nerds, and the points don’t matter.
Have fun, relax, & shoot ‘em in the face.

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